The Washington Capitals took on the Coyotes and The playoffs are coming

Craig Custance: It's the Washington Capitals. In actuality. I'm not letting establishment history that has nothing to do with this present gathering cloud reality. This is the best group in the NHL. They're profound at each position. They have an establishment focus in Nicklas Backstrom handing over a Hart-commendable season. They have an amusement breaker in Alex Ovechkin .

Yes, they have the weight of baffling playoffs from the past, however they're sufficient to conquer it. The San Jose Sharks needed to manage similar issues, and that didn't prevent them from progressing to the Stanley Cup finals a year ago. I expect a comparable and better leap forward for the Capitals this spring Capitals tickets .

The playoffs are coming and Columbus' Sergei Bobrovsky is a hot goaltender. That is dependably a key to Stanley Cup playoff achievement. Furthermore, with the first-round matchup the Blue Jackets may get, a hot goaltender will be an unquestionable requirement.

The second-and third-put groups in a division go head to head in the first round. So prepare for the Blue Jackets and the Pittsburgh Penguins — proprietors of the second-and third-best records in the class — to play a prominent first-round arrangement Washington Capitals .

Prior to the Capitals went up against the Coyotes, a pooch took the ice for a session of bring. In spite of slipping and sliding around the arena, the pup was really ready to hold its on and recover a puck for its proprietor .

The delightful pooch ran the length of the ice twice to recover the sliding puck after the proprietor hurled it arena wide Caps Look to Regain Home Ice Advantage in Game 4 .

On the primary excursion, the canine slid somewhat into the sheets, picked the puck in its mouth and jogged back to the next end of the ice.

Washington Capitals infographic

Washington Capitals Infographic

Arizona Coyotes vs Washington Capitals NHL Game Recap